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Beginning this week, blog entries from will also be posted to ETF MarketPro on the Keeping Up page. ETFCommentary will move to the Keeping Up page permanently in June.

Claymore’s RYJ Converts to ETF

Claymore Advisors, LLC today announced that the Board of Trustees of Claymore/Raymond James SB-1 Equity Fund, a diversified closed-end fund (NYSE:RYJ), has approved in principle the conversion of the Fund into an exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) and is further considering the process by which such conversion would be implemented.

New Chart of the Week

The Investment Company Insititute has released the latest statistics on Money Market Mutual Funds. A summary of the latest information is in the Chart of the Week which is available on the home page.


Inflation ETFs – Investor TIPS

With inflation in the news, investors and their advisors are looking for ways to preserve the purchasing power of hard earned capital. One popular investment option is U.S. government issued TIPS.


One Stop Shopping with Capital Markets Index ETF: UEM

If you are looking for an ETF that has it all – equities, fixed income and money market securities, take a look at Claymore’s U.S.-1 Capital Markets Index ETF (UEM). The main benefit of UEM is that you are getting broad, balanced exposure at a lost cost in a single investment.


New ETF Tracks Coal Business

Earlier this year, Van Eck Global announced the listing of the Market Vectors-Coal ETF (KOL) on the NYSE Arca. KOL is the first ETF that enables U.S. investors to gain exposure to a broad spectrum of companies involved in the transport, equipment manufacturing, and production of coal.

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