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Advisors Moving to ETFs

67% of financial advisors polled in a recent survey cite ETFs as the most innovative investment product in 20 years and most are moving their clients into Exchange Traded Funds.

New Themes Added

ETF MarketPro has added coverage on 2 ETF Themes – Natural Gas and Brazil. Please see the directory for a complete list of coverage on ETF Investing Themes.

Special Reports: Theme Investing with ETFs

Investors don’t always think about investing opportunities the same way that ETF funds describe themselves. Wall Street uses complex terms and acronyms like unit investment trust, EAFE, sector rotation and tracking error to describe ETFs.

Model Portfolios Using ETFs

The Case Studies section of ETF MarketPro for Investors takes an in-depth look at how investors with different backgrounds and time horizons use ETFs to achieve their goals.

ETF MarketPro Directory

Over 900 exchange traded funds are available to U.S. investors and more are coming to market every month. The MarketPro Directory provides a quick, easy way to get the insight you need to evaluate any ETF. ETF MarketPro classifies each of the Exchange…

Beyond Mutual Funds: Why Investors are Moving to ETFs

According to a March 2008 report by State Street Global Advisors, investments in ETFs are predicted to grow 30 – 40% in 2008 following a growth rate of 45% to $608 billion in 2007.

ETF Commentary Blog is moving to ETF MarketPro

Beginning this week, blog entries from will also be posted to ETF MarketPro on the Keeping Up page. ETFCommentary will move to the Keeping Up page permanently in June.

New Chart of the Week

The Investment Company Insititute has released the latest statistics on Money Market Mutual Funds. A summary of the latest information is in the Chart of the Week which is available on the home page.

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