ETF Trends Fund Launches

Bell Investment Advisors launched the Bell Worldwide Trends Fund (TRNDX), a no-load mutual fund that will invest primarily in ETFs.

The fund’s managers will use Bell’s proprietary Active Portfolio Enhancement® methodology to select ETFs to invest in the strongest global investment trends.

Bell cited the rapid growth of the ETF marketplace as a source of liquidity, flexibility and immediate access to specific markets, geographies and sectors as a catalyst for launching the fund.

Bell Investment Advisors is a wealth management firm with more than $500 million in assets under management.  Bell’s methodology has its roots in performance momentum, where investment is maintained in sectors and strategies that demonstrate market leadership.

Bell’s investment management team monitors over 800 ETFs and mutual funds, from which they identify the market trends showing the greatest relative strength.

The minimum investment for the mutual fund is $2,500, compared with a minimum of $400,000 for Bell’s discretionary investment management accounts. The Fund is offered through broker-dealers Schwab, Scottrade, Fiserv, and TD Ameritrade.

The Fund is co-managed by Dana Nelson, Portfolio Manager and Matthew King, CFA, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer.

To learn more about the firm visit or visit the Bell Worldwide Trends Fund site directly at