My previous article, A Correction in Gold is an Option discussed the overwhelming bullishness that gold and silver were garnering with the retail crowd.

After publishing that article last week I received more than a dozen emails that I would classify as hate mail. I was called names, I was sent a poorly written manifesto of the future collapse of fiat currency, and finally my favorite email which was just two words in the subject line, mother ($#$$@# – I’ll let your imagination try to figure out that one).

I have written about a variety of asset classes and none of them have the near vigilante bullishness associated with gold. Gold bugs believe that the world as we know it is going to collapse.

They believe that in a few months they will be bartering their gold for food, land, and valuables. Some of them believe the central bankers are working together to create a giant world order.

The emails that I have received speak for themselves. There is a growing fear among the retail / middle class investor and the war often discussed between the haves and the have-nots wages on.  >> Continue


– J.W. Jones