One Stop Shopping with Capital Markets Index ETF: UEM

If you are looking for an ETF that has it all – equities, fixed income and money market securities, take a look at Claymore’s U.S.-1 Capital Markets Index ETF (UEM).

The main benefit of UEM is that you are getting broad, balanced exposure at a lost cost in a single investment. The fund and index managers are doing all of the work behind the scenes to screen and select the appropriate securities within a rigorous construction framework.

UEM is U.S. focused and does not include international securities or alternative asset classes.

UEM tracks an index of 856 securities that is designed to be a long term measure of the three segments of the U.S. investment grade capital markets. The mix across asset classes is approximately 50% equities, 30% long-term fixed income and 30% cash and equivalents.

The equity component of the index is market-cap weighted and reconstituted quarterly. The fixed income and money market index constitutents are reconstituted monthly. The expense ratio is 0.37%.

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