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Fidelity Joins Schwab in Offering Commission-Free ETFs

Fidelity has introduced commission free trading of 25 iShares ETFs. The move comes in the wake of Schwab’s introduction of no-commission exchange traded funds.


Tracking Error, the Forgotten Cost of ETF Investing

When investing in ETFs there are many things to consider when choosing an ETF to represent a particular asset class or investment category. Costs, both explicit and implicit are important to consider and these costs should be taken into account.

Investing in International with ETFs

Depending on how you define international, there 200+ funds and well over $100 billion invested in International ETFs – how do you sort through such a large and diverse selection?

Investing in Emerging Markets with ETFs

The popularity of Emerging Markets investing has lead to the introduction of several types of ETFs.

Case Study: BRIC Investing with ETFs

Christopher is revisiting his portfolio and has decided to expand his investing horizons beyond the shores of the U.S. to the large, yet emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, also known as the BRIC markets.

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