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Caterpillar’s Momentum Machine

Caterpillar’s stock price had an amazing run in Q3, leading industrial ETFs past the rest of the market. Caterprillar (CAT) is up 70% since July 10 compared to a 19% return for the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) in the same period.


The Obama ETF Portfolio – A First Look

One of the new president’s highest priorities is to create millions of jobs by spending hundreds of billions of dollars. The spending promises to be concentrated in a few sectors and will be big enough to be an engine of growth for companies in those sectors.

Looking for a Bottom – Part 2

The day after we posted Looking for a Bottom? Start with Sectors, the market tested a new 52-week low and sector performance was telling.

Looking for a Bottom? Start with Sectors

With the US equity market recently hitting a new 52-week low, investors are still waiting for the market to bottom out.

Investing in Agriculture with ETFs

Investors can gain exposure to agriculture through several ETFs that differ by asset class and concentration levels.

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