Are ETFs right for me?

ETFs are right for almost every investor situation and goal.

Income investors have a wide variety of current income producing ETFs to choose from.  ETFs that focus on everything from Treasuries and Municipal Bonds to High Yield, Preferred Dividends and REIT funds offer multiple combinations of income, capital preservation and tax management.

Investors with long time horizons can build a solid foundation of ETFs across the major asset classes including domestic stocks, bonds, international stocks, real estate and commodities while practicing the sound investing fundamentals of diversification, minimal expenses and tax efficiency.

Looking to enhance return or manage risk on an already substantial portfolio?  You will find ETFs that specialize by geography, sector, position and strategy that enable you to fine tune your investment exposure.

For those new to investing, discount brokers offer low cost monthly investment programs that help new investors to begin building a nest egg while enjoying the benefits of investing with ETFs.