Category: ETF Investment Themes

Investing in Water with ETFs

There are 4 exchange traded funds that focus on water. The largest of the group is the $2 billion PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (PHO).

Investing in the Total Stock Market with ETFs

ETFs offer several ways to invest in the Total Market. Choices include all US, total index, total single market and all World.

Investing in Telecom with ETFs

There are multiple ways to invest in telecommunications with ETFs that vary by degree of sector focus and geographic diversity.

Sector Investing with ETFs

There are close to 200 sector, sub-sector and industry focused ETFs in the ETF MarketPro Directory.

Investing in REITs with ETFs

Each of the top 3 ETF sponsors has at least one domestic REIT fund. International and specialty REIT ETFs are also available.

Investing in Oil and Gas Services with ETFs

Oil Services ETFs provide investors a way to take a position in Oil Services with instant diversification and at a low cost.

Investing in Oil with ETFs

Whether you believe the price of oil is going to continue to rise or is poised for a fall, oil ETFs are a good way for investors to establish exposure to dynamic oil prices.

Investing in Natural Gas with ETFs

Natural Gas ETFs are a good way to invest in the world’s ever growing demand for energy. Several flavors of natural gas ETFs are on the market to match almost every variation of risk appetite.

Investing in International with ETFs

Depending on how you define international, there 200+ funds and well over $100 billion invested in International ETFs – how do you sort through such a large and diverse selection?

Investing in India with ETFs

Two types of exchange-traded products provide exposure to India: ETNs and ETFs.

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