Direxion Introduces 6 New 300% Funds

6 new Direxion Shares ETFs were recently launched joining the 8 Direxion funds that started trading in November.  The new ETFs will see seek 300% of daily performance or 300% of the inverse of daily performance of MSCI and Russell benchmark indexes.

The new ETFs and respective indexes are:



Direxion Developed Markets Bull 3x (DZK)

Direxion Developed Markets Bear 3x (DPK)

MSCI Emerging Markets Index

Direxion Emerging Markets Bull 3x (EDC)

Direxion Emerging Markets  Bear 3x (EDZ)


Russell 1000 Technology Index

Direxion Technology Bull 3x (TYH)

Direxion Technology Bear 3x (TYP)


See the Direxion ETF directory for a complete listing.