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Fidelity Joins Schwab in Offering Commission-Free ETFs

Fidelity has introduced commission free trading of 25 iShares ETFs. The move comes in the wake of Schwab’s introduction of no-commission exchange traded funds.


The Debt Problem in Bond ETFs

International bond ETFs are an asset we can no longer ignore, but as some industry experts have brought up in the past, bond ETF construction has many inherent flaws. The construction flaws in ETFs often stem from the methodology of the indexes which the ETFs track.

Mid-year Report Card: Active Bond Managers Fail

With the exception of one category, more than 75% of active bond managers underperform their benchmarks according to a mid-year scorecard published by Standard & Poors.


Active Bond Funds Underperform

The fact that active mutual fund managers regularly underperform their benchmarks when it come to equities is well known. Now, evidence points to the same poor performance on the part of active bond managers.

Case Study: Locking in Tax Savings

Jane and John have experienced significant declines in their portfolio over the past year and want to lock in capital losses now to offset future gains. They anticipate a market upturn at some point in the near future, so they don’t want to be out of the market. At the same time, they want to avoid any problems with the “wash-sale” rule that discourages the sale and repurchase of a similar security within a 30-day period.

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