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Diversify with Real Estate

Investors seeking to diversify a US-centric portfolio should take a hard look at real estate. In a recently completed study, researchers found that the correlation of property securities across borders was much lower than for equities or bonds.

Investing in REITs with ETFs

Each of the top 3 ETF sponsors has at least one domestic REIT fund. International and specialty REIT ETFs are also available.

Investing in International with ETFs

Depending on how you define international, there 200+ funds and well over $100 billion invested in International ETFs – how do you sort through such a large and diverse selection?



REITs are coming back from their March lows and a REIT ETF is a low cost way for investors to participate in the trend. Each of the top 3 ETF sponsors has a REIT fund and State Street also has an international REIT ETF.

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