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Natural Gas Breaks Out

After a long decline, natural gas has rebounded and is now trading at levels not seen since March. At the same time, oil continues to decline in concert with the Euro, despite a moratorium on new offshore drilling.


Why Commodities are Different

Commodity ETFs are different than traditional, plain vanilla ETFs and investors need to be made aware of the risks. Exchange-Traded Funds come in many different “flavors” and therefore, are useful in many different ways for a large variety of investors.


Oil Makes a Come Back

After a long decline, oil is gushing higher. The decline began last summer when oil was trading above $145 a barrel.


Oil Prices Climb in Face of Stronger Dollar

After a long decline that ended in February, oil prices are starting to climb back up despite the fact that the dollar is at its strongest point in 2 years. The United States Oil Fund (USO), a $3 billion ETF that tracks spot oil prices, hit a low of $22.74 on February 18 before bouncing back to close at $27.99 on March 6.


How Low will Oil Go?

One of the big stories in 2008 was the rise and fall of commodity prices including the biggest commodity of them all – oil. After a short lived comeback at the beginning of 2009, spot prices for oil have dropped back to their December lows and threaten to go lower.

Investing in Oil with ETFs

Whether you believe the price of oil is going to continue to rise or is poised for a fall, oil ETFs are a good way for investors to establish exposure to dynamic oil prices.



ETF investors can establish positions on the price of oil as we first discussed in our March ETF Commentary post Oil ETFs.

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