Key Information

An important part of the homework process in researching ETFs is to study the literature provided by the ETF sponsor.


Compare and Coverage

For most ETFs, the ETF MarketPro staff has identified similar funds that you can use as a benchmark in evaluating the fund. ETFs that are most alike across the 7 attributes used by the ETF Directory will be displayed. The comparable ETFs are presented in the Compare To section of each ETF directory page.


Quick Facts

On each ETF directory page, 9 fund attributes are presented in the Quick Facts table. Fund size and expense ratio are displayed along with the 7 attributes used for organizing the ETF Directory – asset class, category, position, weighting, sponsor, management and exchange.


Search and Index

If you have tried all of the other tools on ETF MarketPro and still can’t find the ETF you had in mind, trying using Search and Index.


Case Studies Center

The Investing with ETFs Case Studies section takes an in-depth look at how investors with different backgrounds and time horizons use ETFs to achieve their goals.


How to Use the Advisor Directory

The Advisor Directory can be reached from almost any page by clicking on the button “Find an Advisor”. Advisors are listed by Company Name, Location, Phone and Advisor Name.


ETF News

Stay current with the fast changing world of ETFs with ETF News. The latest developments of interest to ETF investors are posted daily to the front page of ETF MarketPro.