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Chart of the Week

Every week, the ETF MarketPro Staff highlights a current industry trend or fast moving ETF with the Chart of the Week on the front page.

Keeping Up

Part news analysis, part commentary, ETF MarketPro’s Keeping Up column goes beyond the headlines to give ETF investors new insights into investing with ETFs.

ETF Investor Newsletter

ETF Investor Insights is the electronic newsletter from the editors at ETF MarketPro. Each week, the newsletter delivers the latest news, investing ideas, case studies and upcoming events of interest to ETF investors.

ETF Webinars

ETF MarketPro offers this free webinar series for investors who want to learn more about achieving their financial goals with exchange traded funds.

Case Study: New to Investing

John has recently finished his studies, landed a new job and wants to begin putting some money to work in the market as well as pay down his student loans.

Case Study: Diversification

Cathy is a few years out of school and has been participating in her company’s stock purchase program. Her company’s stock has done well and now represents the majority of Cathy’s portfolio.

Case Study: Managing Risk

Jessica has been investing for awhile and took steps a couple of years ago to begin to diversify her portfolio. However, she is now concerned that the portfolio isn’t correctly balanced and wants to minimize any selling due to tax consequences.

Case Study: Seeking Alpha

Frank is a 55 year old executive with a $3 million portfolio. He is happy with the portfolio’s diversification and risk/return profile, but would like to carve out a piece of his investments, say 10% or so, to try and “beat the market”.

Case Study: Capital Preservation

George is nearing retirement and doesn’t want a downturn in the market to force him into working for another couple of years. On the other hand, George is worried about inflation and its impact on his standard of living while retired.

Case Study: Income

Ed and Mary are retired and depend on their portfolio to yield around 5% to supplement their retirement income. They want to maximize their investment income while not putting their nest egg at too much risk.

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