Plans for Medicare Pressure Health Care Sector

Medicare changes announced by the Obama administration caused a significant decline in health care stocks. The new approach calls for elimination of private sector participation in medicare plans, effectively eliminating $175 million of revenue for the industry.


Dollar Stays Strong Against World Currencies

Amid a slowing global economy and an uncertain outlook for the future, investors have piled into the dollar as a safe haven investment. Year-to-date, the dollar is up relative to almost every world currency including up 10% against the Euro and up 4% against the Yen.

down trend

Positioning for a 3 Year Downturn

After 6 straight quarters of declining earnings for the S&P 500, a downturn of 3 years in length is a real possibility. To find another large downturn that lasted for that long, go all the way back to the 1930s.


Brazil on the Rise

Currently in 3rd place in terms of Latin American oil production, Brazil promises to soon overtake regional leaders Mexico and Venezuela.


Nuclear Options

Sweden recently rolled back a longstanding ban on nuclear power as concerns over climate change and energy security are causing European countries to rethink their nuclear power policies.

wind energy

Obama’s Wind Energy Plan and ETFs

Alternative energy, and in particular wind energy, was a major platform for the Obama campaign and the new president is keeping his promise by including incentives in the current stimulus plan. However, before jumping into wind energy investments, take a closer look at the plan details.


The Obama ETF Portfolio – A First Look

One of the new president’s highest priorities is to create millions of jobs by spending hundreds of billions of dollars. The spending promises to be concentrated in a few sectors and will be big enough to be an engine of growth for companies in those sectors.


India ETFs and Satyam Fraud

While investigators are looking into charges of fraud at India IT services giant Satyam, ETF investors are asking how the news affects India ETFs.

automotive industry

Are GM and Ford Wrecking Your ETF?

Despite the fact that the managers of the Big 3 auto makers and their unions are in Washington begging for a bailout, the stock prices for General Motors(GM) and Ford (F) both continued their long declines. How are your ETFs affected?